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Boiler Service

An expert boiler service engineer from Boiler Bunny Heating doing a routine gas boiler service in a house in South London - Dulwich, SE21.

Need a professional boiler service in South East London? Please call me to make an appointment.

Getting your boiler serviced every year will help to keep it running safely, efficiently and in good working order. I provide a Service Checklist and talk you through each step so you have a clear understanding of the work undertaken.

What Our Boiler Service Includes

  • Basic safety checks
  • Checking of flue condition
  • Combustion Readings
  • Gas rate / Burner pressure
  • Flow and Return differentials
  • Checking for 3 amp fuse
  • A visual check for water leaks
  • Cleaning condense trap (if applicable)
  • Cleaning magnetic filter (if applicable)
  • Drain down and recharge expansion vessel
  • Visual check of system, including cylinder, motorised valves, pumps, radiators and radiator valves

It’s best that you arrange your boiler service in London for the summer months, before the traditionally busy autumn and winter seasons.

Premium Boiler Service

For Vaillant Boilers

Your premium Vaillant service will be completed by our Advance Vaillant engineer. This will include all the checks above plus the following maintenance work (any required seals or parts are not included):

  • Cleaning of burner
  • Cleaning of main heat exchanger
  • Cleaning electrodes
  • Checking gas-air mixture unit
  • Cleaning cold water inlet filter
  • Checking combustion readings again after completion of work

I recommend that you have this maintenance work carried out at least once every 5 years. I can also provide a premium boiler service for other boiler manufacturers. Please call for more information.