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Service and Repair Beckenham

Vaillant boiler service in Beckenham (BR3), Kelsey Park, carried out by a Boiler Bunny Heating engineer.

Are you looking for a Vaillant boiler service in Beckenham? I’m an expert heating engineer that specialises in Vaillant boilers so will make sure your boiler is in good shape.

Why choose me for a your Beckenham Vaillant boiler service:

  • I value the importance of customer service highly so will always strive to provide the highest standards of service.
  • I will help to keep your manufacturers warranties valid – saving you money on future repairs.
  • A Lewisham based engineer that’s Vaillant Advance qualified so you can trust me to maintain your Vaillant boiler.
  • You will be provided with a service report during your Beckenham Vaillant boiler service visit, detailing all the checks and/or maintenance work undertaken.

Vaillant Servicing Options


(Recommended Annually)

  • Basic safety checks
  • Checking of flue condition
  • Combustion Readings
  • Gas rate / Burner pressure
  • Flow and Return differentials
  • Checking for 3 amp fuse
  • A visual check for water leaks
  • Cleaning condense trap (if applicable)
  • Cleaning magnetic filter (if applicable)
  • Drain down and recharge expansion vessel
  • Visual check of system, including cylinder, motorised valves, pumps, radiators and radiator valves


(Recommended Every 3-5 Years)

  • Including all checks from ‘Standard’ Service

  • Cleaning of main heat exchanger
  • Cleaning electrodes
  • Checking gas-air mixture unit
  • Cleaning cold water inlet filter
  • Checking combustion readings again after completion of work

Seals or parts are not included (if required)
Repairs are not included