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Service & Repair Peckham

Boiler Bunny Heating engineer attending to a Vaillant boiler service in Peckham - SE15.

Need a Vaillant boiler service in Peckham?

Firstly, we are local so are always ready to help. Most importantly, our Vaillant advance heating engineers are experts in Vaillant boilers – making sure that your boiler is safe and in good working order.

Our Peckham Vaillant boiler service report will detail all the checks carried out and any recommendations made so you understand what you have paid for.

Finally, we don’t forget the simple things such as good manners so rest assured our engineers are polite, uniformed and will respect your property.

We offer two types of service depending on your requirements.

Vaillant Servicing Options


(Recommended Annually)

  • Basic safety checks
  • Checking of flue condition
  • Combustion Readings
  • Gas rate / Burner pressure
  • Flow and Return differentials
  • Checking for 3 amp fuse
  • A visual check for water leaks
  • Cleaning condense trap (if applicable)
  • Cleaning magnetic filter (if applicable)
  • Drain down and recharge expansion vessel
  • Visual check of system, including cylinder, motorised valves, pumps, radiators and radiator valves


(Recommended Every 3-5 Years)

  • Including all checks from ‘Basic’ Service

  • Cleaning of main heat exchanger
  • Cleaning electrodes
  • Checking gas-air mixture unit
  • Cleaning cold water inlet filter
  • Checking combustion readings again after completion of work

Seals or parts are not included (if required)
Repairs are not included